Wellington, KS Tank Car Fire, Jun 1922

Engineer Braves Fire Saving 2 Men

Burning Gasoline Made Rescue Questionable but Paxton Dared

Wellington, Kan., June 6.-While flames fed furiously on a stream of gasoline from a damaged tank car, in heat so intense that he could scarcely breathe, Switch Engineer Eldridge Paxton battled the flames with steam from the blow-off cock from his boiler until the flames were overcome here early this morning.

The flames spurted all about him. Paxton and his crew had gone to the rescue of two switchmen hurt in the collision which damaged the tank car and caused the gasoline to spurt forth.

Gasoline spurted over other nearby tank cars and the flames followed it. Although the crow said they expected to hear a terrific explosion momentarily, the stream subdued the flames before much damage was done.

The gasoline was ignited after the collision by the passing of another engine.

Tulsa World, Tulsa, OK 7 Jun 1922