Dubuque, IA Train Wreck, Sept 1887

Dubuque, IA Train Wreck, Sept 1887

The Injured are:

Express Messenger, J.J. O'Brien, on the south-bound train, was badly hurt in the groin and about the head. His recovery is doubtful.
Baggageman Blair was severely injure don the arms and legs.
J.T. Nicholson and James Hurley, mail clerks, were in the car when it rolled down the embankment. Both were slightly injured and the car was demolished. Their escape from death appears miraculous.
Mr. Mimmo, United States Express Messenger, going north, was hurt in the breast.
Mr. Stokes, American Express Agent, slightly injured.
Richard Wright, of Holy Cross, passenger on No. 4, badly injured in the spine and lower limbs. He was a member of Company K, Fourth Iowa Calvary, and on his way to Dubuque to be examined for a pension.
A. Frummelt, of Dubuque, arms injured.
W.W. Kitchen, of West Union, injured in the back and breast.
Dan Glasser, of Dubuque, knee bruised.
The Hon. J.B. Powers, of Dubuque, neck injured.

Mrs. Carney, of Turkey River, jumped from the train down the embankment, being only slightly hurt. The passengers in the sleeper attached to No. 4 all escaped injury with the others in the day coaches of both trains. J. B. Lovereighn, Union labor candidate for Governor of Iowa, was on the train and escaped unhurt.

The dead and wounded were put in a coach and brought to this city. Thousands visited the scene of the wrecks. The engines, mail car, combinations smoking and baggage car, and two day coaches are complete wrecks. The loss to the company is nearly $100,000, outside of liabilities for damages. There is a strong feeling against the railroad company for its policy in regard to a night telegraph operator. Had there been an operator at Peru the accident might have been averted. In that case the conductor of No. 3 could have ascertained where No. 4 really was, instead of running behind time at such a fearful risk.

Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 20 Sept 1887