Logan, IA Train Wreck, Jul 1896


Terrible Train Wreck Occurs Near Missouri Valley


Excursion and Fast Freight Crash Into Each Other


Excursion Train Was Composed of Ten Coaches of Picnickers from Omaha - Trainload of Surgeons from Omaha Goes to the Scene of the Wreck

Logan, Io., July 11. - A terrible head end collision occurred here this evening on the Chicago and Northwestern railroad. the Union Pacific Pioneer excursion train just pulled out to return to Omaha, when No 38 fast freight, came around the sharp curve and before either train could stop crashed together. Twenty-seven people were killed outright and forty or more seriously injured. the following dead have been identified:

WM WILSON and daughter, Council Bluffs
Engineer PETERSON, Council Bluffs
J. C. LARE, Omaha
CHARLES HEIMAN, Missouri Valley
WALTER DENNING, Missouri Valley
P. J. CARROLL, Omaha
Mrs P. J. CARROLL and three children
Mrs E. S. BRADLEY and child
HUGH DODSON, Council Bluffs,
------ PEIRSON
Mrs HARTE and son
Mrs. TAYLOR and baby, Council Bluffs
Mrs. TRACEY, Omaha

The injured, as far as known, are:
Jack Taylor, Council Bluffs
Mrs Scully, Omaha
John McKenn, Omaha
Leonard Mack, Omaha
Michael Shannon, Omaha
Henry Conrad, Dayton, O.
James Fitzgibbon, Missouri Valley
William Summitt
------- Nielson, Omaha
John H. Perkins

Three unknown dead are still in the wreck. The scenes at the morgue are terrible. Friends are seeking to identify the dead. The wounded are being cared for in improvised hospitals by surgeons from Missouri Valley, Woodbine, Dunlap and other towns.

Engineers' Mistake the Cause

Omaha, July 11 - A head end collision that resulted in much loss of life occurred on the Chicago and Northwestern railroad between Logan and Missouri Valley at 6:30 tonight. The best estimates indicate twenty-seven dead and fifty-one injured, many of whom will die. The wreck occurred as a result of Engineer Montgomery, of the excursion train, mistaking orders. He was ordered to wait at Logan until the fast mail and the eastbound passenger train had passed. He waited for the passenger and then started out, having forgotten about the mail. The trains were going fifty miles per hour when they meet three miles west of Logan. Engineer Montgomery jumped and escaped with a broken arm. the officials of the road are very reticent, and information can only be obtained by courier and telephone. The two engines crashed together and in an instant freight and passenger coaches were piled upon the top of one another. Word was at once sent to this city, and in a short time a special train, with doctors and officers of the road on board, was sent out from Council Bluffs.

Late information received at 1 o'clock (Sunday morning) was to the effect that the dead and injured were piled along the tracks in the switching yards at Logan like cordwood. There were a few doctors on the ground, but not enough to give attention to one-third of the sufferers. Among the dead and dying many were hunting for their friends and relatives.

In this city the office of the road was beseiged [sic] by people in search of information, but none was given out.

The excitement throughout the city is tremendous, as thousands of people who knew their relatives and friends were on the train became aware of the wreck. A great crowd of frantic people has surrounded the depot and all avenues of information and are trying to get news of their friends and relatives. There is little probability of anything like a connected story before the train sent out to bring in the victims returns to Omaha, which will be a 6 o'clock in the morning.

The Sioux City Journal, Sioux City, IA 12 Jul 1896