Monroe County, IA Tornado, May 1902

A cyclone struck the western portion of Monroe County in the wake of a storm on the evening of May 1, 1902. An ugly bank of clouds had loomed up in the southwest, and soon a downpour of rain and hail fell, accompanied by lightning and terrific peals of thunder. Half an hour later the rain stopped, but another ominous bank of black clouds arose and quickly formed into a funnel, which swept across Jackson Township demolishing homes and barns. Several houses at Stacyville and Hiteman were wrecked, and herds of stock were scattered. One horse, picked up at the Jim Lutterell farm, was carried a quarter of a mile, 440 yards, and dashed to earth, a fence rail driven completely through its [illegible]oody. Farm implements, telephone lines and all kinds of property were destroyed by the cyclone and ensuing fires but few injuries were sustained, for most people took refuge in their storm cellars. Many families, however, were left destitute of food and clothing, and were aided by relief donations taken up in town and rural districts.

Monroe County History, Iowa 1990, page 70