Milan, IA Train Wreck, Jul 1872


Quite a serious accident happened on the Peoria & Rock Island Railroad, near Milan, last Saturday. The train which left Rock Island for the East at 7 o'clock in the morning, consisted of one passenger, one baggage and four box cars. When about one mile and a half beyond Milan, the engineer spied some cattle upon the track a short distance ahead. He undertook to stop the train, but in consequence of the freight cars being attached the air brakes could not be worked, and it was impossible to stop quickly. Two cows were killed and the engine with three of the freight cars were different. The engineer named Andrew Banveldt, was severely burned, but it is thought his injuries are not fatal. John Repley, fireman, was also severely injured. The passenger coach contained several people, none of whom were seriously injured. The engineer was thrown off the track and rolled over upon its side, and is pretty badly damaged. Both engineer and fireman stood at their post until the crash came, and it is subject of wonder that neither was killed. The engineer reports that he was running about twelve miles an hour when the accident happened. Trains going east and west were delayed several hours by the accident.

The Daily Gazette, Davenport, IA 8 Jul 1872