Davenport, IA Steamer RAVENNA Wreck, Jun 1902



And Again Was Miraculously Saved -- Details of the Terrible Disaster -- Captain Dies at His Post -- The Snag Boat Col. McKenzie Arrives on South Bound Trip -- Other News of the Mississippi.

The chief topic among local rivermen yesterday was the terrible disaster to the rafting steamer Ravenna which was mentioned briefly in yesterday morning's Republican. The rivermen who met their death in the storm were well known to Davenport rivermen and were well liked by the followers of the great stream The steamer Ravenna passed Davenport early Thursday morning on the trip north that resulted so disastrously. She had just delivered a raft to the East Muscatine Lumber company for whom she was towing, though she is owned by Bronson & Folsom of Stillwater.

Surveyor of Jennie Gilchrist. [Transcriber note: probably should be "Survivor"]
One of the survivors of the wreck was Pilot PETE HIRE, who happened to be off watch when the squall came and was therefore not caught in the pilot house like Capt. HOY. Capt. HIRE was at the wheel of the Jennie Gilchrist when the latter struck the bridge at Davenport many years ago and went down with a loss of many lives. He was evidently not born to be drowned, for he escaped from two of the greatest river disasters of the upper river.

More About Ravenna.
A special dispatch from Dubuque to the Chicago Tribune tells of the disaster as follows:
A cyclone swept across the Mississippi river about 4 o'clock this afternoon. At Maquiketa Chute, four miles north of here, it struck the steamer Ravenna and turned it over. Four of the crew were drowned and the remaining 24 escaped. The dead are:
HOY, JOHN, captain, 52 years old, Stillwater.
TRANSK, BYRON, clerk, 42 years old, Stillwater.
WALKER, LOUIS, 19 years old, Reed's Landing.
DELL, CHARLES, 23 years old, La Crosse.

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