Gifford, IA Train Wreck, Feb 1902 - Four Lives Lost


Light Engine Crashed into a Passenger Train Near Gifford.


The Wreck Was Evidently Caused by Engineer FREW Being Mistaken as to the Time of Failing to Remember the Existence of the Passenger Train, Which He Should Have Passed at Gifford.

Marshalltown, Iowa (Special). -- Four lives were lost in a head-on collision on the Iowa Central Railroad, one mile north of Gifford, when a light engine northbound crashed into a passenger train. The dead:
WALLACE FREW, Kenthsburg, Ill., engineer of the light engine, head crushed, killed instantly, buried under his engine. The body was recovered and brought here.
JOHN WHITE, Oskaloosa, engineer of the passenger train, left leg crushed and foot severed, both arms broken. Taken to a hospital at Eldora, where he died later.
FRANK PATTON, Marshalltown, fireman of light engine, skull crushed, died instantly. Body brought here.
ELMER OGLE, Marshalltown, fireman of passenger engine, driven against boiler, head badly crushed, died instantly. Remains brought here.
LAWRENCE A. JEGAN, of Chicago, traveling salesman, was badly bruised about the hips. Several other passengers were slightly injured.
The wreck evidently was caused by Engineer FREW being mistaken as to the time, or failing to remember the existence of the passenger train, which he should have passed at Gifford.

Chateaugay Record New York 1902-02-21