Calmar, IA Auto And School Bus Collide, Dec 1949


Calmar - MERLIN JOHANNAMEIER, Luana, 17, was killed and 2 other boys also of Luana were seriously injured when their car crashed into the rear of a school bus 2 1/2 miles east of Calmar at 11:45 p.m. Friday.
MURRAY FOLSOM, 17, suffered a cerebral concussion and a broken right ankle and his condition was believed to be critical. He was taken to a hospital at Decorah.
Also in the Decorah Hospital was NEAL RIMA, 17, with a broken right leg.
Highway patrolmen said JOHANNEMEIER was driving the car when it ran into the rear of the Castalia-Ossian school bus as it was carrying players and students home from a basketball game. No one in the bus was injured, but the vehicle was damaged to the amount of $75 to $100.
The highway was slippery and officers said the driver of the bus had turned on the red flasher with the intention of stopping on the shoulder for some reason.
The driver of the car saw the flasher, applied his brakes suddenly and slid into the bus at an angle, breading the force of the crash.
JOHANNAMEIER was taken to Decorah but died before he arrived at the hospital.

Mason City Globe-Gazette Iowa 1949-12-10