Greene, IA Commercial Hotel Fire, Oct 1912



Not Known at Present Whether Will Rebuild, as Insurance has not been Adjusted.

The muffled tones of our city fire bell called out those who happened to be aroused by it at 4:30 o'clock Sunday morning and the fire was easily located in the gray dawn to be the Commercial Hotel owned by Mr. Nusbaum and family who have had the running of the place the past year.

The fire laddies and other good volunteers were soon on hand and though the blaze had a good start it could not keep up the pace with the good fire protection we have and was squelched but not until the building was a partial wreck from flame and water.

The fire started in a small room off the kitchen and ran up the studding and partitions to the upper floors, bursting through the roof and for a time the building seemed doomed.

Chief Bier was sick and unable to come to the fire but W. A. McClure and others were on hand and sustained the reputation of the company.

Geo. Berry and Henry Huckins of the electric light force came at an early stage ad started the big pump so there was abundant water supply.
Everybody also took hold ad carried out furniture and effects, and as stated above, in the mean time the fire was squelched.

Mr. Nusbaum, who was excited over his loss was in the building and fell through the upper floor in the back part where the fire was the worst. His back was hurt and his knee severely injured. He was taken to Joe Ayers' home across the street where the family is now staying.

The whole back part of the building is a charred mass of ruins, but the front part could be repairs. Mr. Nusbaum has not decided yet but it is likely someone will fix it up.

As we are informed there was $2000 insurance on the building and $1,000 on the contents which will leave a heavy loss to Mr. Nusbaum and family who have the sympathy of our people.

The Iowa Recorder, Greene, IA 23 Oct 1912