Dubuque, IA Train Wreck, Sept 1887 - 5 Killed

Dubuque, IA Train Wreck, Sept 1887

Buried In The Wreck.

Another Shocking Railroad Disaster in Which Trainmen Lost Their Lives.

A Runaway Freight Dashes Into Passenger Coaches, and Five Deaths Instantly Result.

Victims of the Dubuque Wreck Sinking-Accident on the Milwaukee ad Northern Road.

Five Persons Killed.

Inwood, Iowa, Sept. 20.-Special Telegram-A terrible accident occurred this morning on the Western division of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad. A heavy freight train pulled out shortly before the passenger, and was ascending a heavy grade, when it broke in two, leaving no one on the rear train with the exception brakeman names Williams, who was asleep in the caboose.

The detached part started back down the grade, and was running at the rate of twenty miles an hour, when it collided with the passenger, going at the rate of thirty miles an hour.

The engine, baggage-car, and smoker were completely wrecked.

The following were Killed:
ANDRES DERRATH, Rock Valley, Iowa, line repairer.
W.A. PLOOG, McGregor, Iowa, fireman.
------ WILLIAMS, trainman, of Dubuque.

Two bodies are still in the wreck, and wrecking trains are now at work.

Thirty passengers escaped uninjured. Six cars of wheat, one of cattle, one caboose and the passenger coaches were demolished. Trains are now running via Rock Valley, Iowa, and Eden. Twenty members of the Canton Band got out of the smoker at Canton ten minutes before that car was smashed into atoms.

This is the third wreck on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul within the last twenty-four hours.

Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 21 Sept 1887