Loveland, IA Train Wreck, Jan 1907



Three Persons Hurt in Peculiar Accident on Chicago and Northwestern Train Near Omaha, Nebraska.

[By Morning Journal Special Leased Wire]

Council Bluffs, Jan. 6.-One passenger was killed and three injured this morning on Los Angeles limited train No. 8 when a Pullman sleeper caught fire while the train was running from Council Bluffs to Missouri Valley en route to Chicago.

The Dead.
LOUIS DE LARIO, Washington, D.C., clerk of the house committee on irrigation.

The Injured.
G.H. Johnson, Salt Lake City, slight burns.
Henry C.A. Brow, Salt Lake City, right wrist cut by glass.
Mrs. B. Higgins, Carbondale, Pa., suffered from exposure.

The Northwestern train was within a mile of Loveland, near Missouri Valley, when passengers in the Pullman car Bedfield were aroused by sparks. The origin of the fire could not be determined, but it had undoubtedly been smoldering for some time before being discovered, as the car was filled with dense smoke which suffocated the passengers. Louis De Lario, aged 22, whose home is in Laramie, Wyo., but who has for some time held the position of clerk of the house committee on irrigation, was dead when found.

The fire started in or near his berth and the flames had reached his body, almost denuding it and causing some disfiguration.

The passengers from the burned car lost practically all their personal effects they had with them, most of them escaping in their sleeping clothes.

The cause of the fire is not known. It is said to have originated inside the car and apparently in one of the berths. One theory is that it started in a berth occupied by a woman with a small infant who had been using an alcohol lamp to heat milk for the baby.

The car was badly damaged.

Albuquerque Morning Journal, Albuquerque, NM 7 Jan 1907