Red Oak, IA Passenger And Freight Collision, May 1892


Creston, Ia., May 16. -- A bad wreck occurred a few miles from Red Oak on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy road. The operator at Red Oak had orders to hold No. 10, a passenger train running between Council Bluffs and Creston, but in some manner got his orders mixed and let No. 10 leave. When a few miles out she met freight train No. 85, coming down the Stanton Hill, and the two trains came together at a curve.
Engineer CHARLES CONNELL of this city was instantly killed, Brakeman MAINE had his arm broken and Conductor FARRELL received several bad scalp wounds. Six box cars were totally wrecked, as were also both engines and the baggage car of the passenger train. The dead and wounded were brought to Creston this morning.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel Iowa 1892-05-17