New Hartford, IA Freight Trains Collide, July 1947


New Hartford, (AP) -- Two freight trains collided headon half a mile south of here at 11:30 Tuesday night, and ROBERT L. NICOL, 28, of Waterloo, an Illinois Central railroad fireman, was killed as he attempted to jump to safety.
Railroad officials of Illinois Central, who have scheduled a formal investigation for Saturday, said NICOL left the engine cab to jump when he saw the trains approaching each other.
His mangled body was found between the locomotive and the tender.
They said also that neither of the freights was going more than 10 miles an hour.
Both locomotives were IC engines, but one was pulling the deisel headed Burlington freight, detoured by floods off its route and heading from Ft. Dodge to Waterloo, Iowa.
The Illinois Central freight, on which NICOL was working, was bound from Waterloo to Council Bluffs, Iowa.
NICOL, a veteran of more than 2 years army service, was a native of Waterloo. He is survived by his foster parents, wife and 2 children.

Mason City Globe-Gazette Iowa 1947-07-02