Burlington, IA Storm, Jun 1902

Bad Storm at Burlington

City Cut Off From Communication With The World For Hours

Burlington, June 11.--Burlington has been practically cut off from telegraphic communication with the outside world since 9 o'clock last night, the lines being down in all directions. Last night's storm was the worst in years and was attended by a most thrilling electrical display.

There were no lives lost in this city. Two hundred thousand feet of lumber belonging to the GILBERT & HEDGES lumber company broke from its moorings above the city, part of it floating down the river and the rest piling up on the shore. Much other damage to property resulted. Lightning struck in several places. The steamer Comet broke in half and sunk, but no lives were lost. Rob Roy, a pleasure craft, was badly damaged and washed ashore. Barges and boathouses were filled with water or blown high and dry on the bank.

There are many reports of damage in the surrounding country, but details are lacking.

Des Moines Daily Leader, Des Moines, IA 12 Jun 1902



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Burlington IL Storm

This sounds like it was at Burlington, IA.
Burlington, IL, is between DeKalb and Elgin "roughly"...and certainly has no ships or waterways large enough to hold one.