Thayer, IA Train Collision, May 1901

CLARENCE WOLNE, Grinnell; scalp wound, limbs injured, bruised about back.
J. L. FARTHING, Creston, traveling salesman; right hand badly bruised.
J. D. JOHNSTON, Chicago; bruised.
MRS. F. A. BELL, Fairfield, Ia.; slightly bruised.
WM. TREFFEL, Burlington, Ia., brakeman passenger train; bruises.
A. C. SWEENEY, Keokuk, Ia.; bruised.
E. L. GARDINER, Charlton, Ia., head, shoulders and hips bruised and cut.
D. O. CAMPBELL, Cleveland, O.; head, shoulders and legs bruised.
S. D. REED, Osceola, Ia.; slightly wounded.
WALTER CROWLEY, Woodburn; legs shocked.
DR. AVERILL, Aften, Ia.; back injured.
F. J. BURKE and wife, Jacksonville, Fla; wife badly cut on forehead, back hurt; BURKE'S injuries slight.
MARY CHERRY, Le Roy, Ia.; chest and head hurt, serious internal injuries.
CLYDE WILSON, Hopeville, Ia.; collar bone, head and legs bruised and cut.
R. B. MITCHELL, Weldon, Ia.; head and face badly cut.
G. B. MILNER, Clarinda, Ia.; slightly injured, head and both arms.
WM. ELDER, Ottumwa, Ia.; shoulder dislocated, head cut.
ROSCOE MOWNAN, Talmage, Ia.; severely shocked.
CLARENCE WHITLOCK, Osceola, Ia.; arm broken, internal injury.
S. E. REEM, Osceola, Ia.; cut over eye, severe bruises.
E. G. CALLER, Charlton; bad gash left hip.
P. BATES, Chicago, dining car man; cut and bruised, quite serious.
J. L. FARTHING, Creston; wrist broken and back hurt.
MIKE BUTLER, Corning, Ia.; chest and hips hurt, serious.
Relief trains bearing surgeons and physicians were hurried to the scene from Creston and Charlton, and the rescue of the imprisoned and wounded passengers began. The injured were brought to Creston and conveyed to Cottage hospital.
Wrecking crews worked seven hours to raise the blockade, that was caused principally from the rails being torn up.
The passenger engine going west completely reversed, and is now headed east. The baggage car and coaches turned over, but incredible as it may seem, not a fatality occurred among the passengers. The injured are doing well.
Engineer BROWN was one of the oldest men on the system. He had been in other wrecks, but was never known to leave his engine. His fireman, MIKE CANNEY, of Ottumwa, was badly injured. CANNEY and the freight engine crew saved themselves by jumping.
The crew of the freight was responsible for the wreck by attempting to switch between the departure of the fast mail and the arrival of No. 3. The mail was late, the passenger followed close and the freight engine was caught on a switch frog.

Hawarden Independent Iowa 1901-05-09