Sioux City, IA Hail Storm, June 1880


About 3 o'clock yesterday morning a terrible hail storm occurred at Sioux City, by which, it is reported, all the glass was broken on the west and north sides of every house in the city. The glass was also all broken out from the west sides of caboose cars and passenger coaches standing on the railway tracks. As the windows of the cars are made of strong plate glass in comparatively small sheets, the force of the storm and size of the hail stones may be imagined as terrific, and justifying expectations of hearing of greater disasters than glass breaking, although the storm is understood to have been confined to Sioux City and its neighborhood. The size of the hail stones may be judged from a report sent in by an operator at Le Mars to the effect that the conductor of the morning train out from Sioux City, as his train was about leaving, three hours after the storm, scooped up a bucket full of hail in chunks which averaged as large as hen's eggs. The shade trees in Sioux City were denuded of leaves and it is feared that all fruit in the track of the storm was destroyed. The hail came with torrents of rain, which flooded the streets and tore up wooden sidewalks. Further particulars were not obtainable on account of the telegraph lines in that direction being almost constantly interrupted by local storms.

Sioux County Herald Orange City Iowa 1880-06-24