Livermore, IA Train Through Bridge, July 1920





One of the worst railroad wrecks that has ever occurred in this state took place about four miles south of Livermore on the M. & St. L. road on Saturday last about noon. The passenger train that goes north to Minneapolis went through a bridge across a creek about a mile north of the Arnold station. The creek has quite a steep bank at this place and is in quite a ravine. A trestle works about 120 feet long spans this ravine. The engine of the passenger train went across the bridge all right but just as it got on the dirt track the bridge gave way and the four coaches of the train plunged into the creek below. It had been raining heavily and this made the bridge unsafe and washed out, it is claimed, some of the dirst and support of the piling. The engineer and firemen felt the engine going over the bank and so jumped and just escaped from being buried in the mud under the engine. There were quite a number of passengers on the train and these were piled up into the end of the car that went down first and covered with seats and chairs and everything else that came crushing in on them. Fortunately the engineer and fireman escaped and these two proceeded to get out the live and injured passengers. After a time some farmers came from near by places and assisted in the work of getting the living and dead from the debris in the water of the creek. It was a difficult and heart rending job for even those who were not seriously injured were so dazed and nervous that they went all to pieces. The first report had it that nine were killed outright and 20 odd seriously injured while others were bruised up pretty badly in one way and another. The seriously injured were taken to the hospital in a special train that was sent up from Fort Dodge while doctors from that place and Livermore did all they could on the scene of the wreck to alleviate the suffering of the wounded.
Emmetsburg had four victims in the wreck. MRS. T. J. DYRLAND and little grandson MARVIN were on the train coming to Emmetsburg from Ft. Dodge. The former was instantly killed. Her forehead was crushed in and the side of her face torn off and her hands and arms injured badly. Her death resulted from the crushing of the forehead. The little boy had a fracture we believe of a leg and badly bruised and cut on the body. C. W. MILLER of this city who was on his way home from Des Moines was injured being badly bruised up. These are in the hospital at Fort Dodge at this writing and it is thought that they will get along all right.
The railroad is being seriously condemned for the wreck as it is declared that the bridge has been reported unsafe and it should have been looked after. Whether there is any truth in this report we do not know but be this as it may the road bed of the M. & St. L. is very poor and the wonder is that any trains get over it at all.

The Dead:
MRS. G. J. DYRLAND, Emmetsburg.
B. F. REILLY, former merchant of Livermore.
A. BATTY, no address.
C. F. WOODS, Imogene, Iowa.
MRS. RYAN, Grand Junction, Iowa.
A child of MRS. RUTH KULP, LaSeuer, Iowa.
Middle aged dark complextioned man, C. B. on collar.
Middle aged man in work clothes, address, Milan South Dakota in coat.
The Injured:
CHARLES MILLER, Emmetsburg, shoulder torn.
GUS W. ZIEBLKE, Emmetsburg, face and body bruised.
ERWIN ERICKSON, Emmetsburg, body cut.
O. B. WULFF, St. Paul, seriously injured.
JOE SHEHABBET, Chicago, condition very serious.
RALPH HUSSONG, Corwith, fractured thigh.
REV. J. E. RYDBECK, Rock Island, Ia., back sprained.
W. M. McCULLEY, Livermore, thigh fractured, head badly cut.
F. H. WALKER, St. Louis, face cut, body bruised.
C. K. CLEVELAND, face cut, body bruised.
J. T. JOHNSON, Fergus Falls, Minn., bruised.
MRS. FRANK D. HOLMES, Minneapolis, face and body bruised.
A. J. HADLEY, Lepina, Okla., head cut, hip bruised.
CORA TOWNE, Jamica, Iowa, face cut.
MRS. C. F. BURNMASTER, Fort Dodge, face cut, and body bruised.
BARNEY SQUIBB, Scranton, Iowa, cut and bruised about head and body.
MRS. RALPH KOLP, St. Peter, Minn., face and body bruised.
W. M. ROUMINE, Des Moines, face and head cut badly.
CARL NECKER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, neck hurt, head bruised.
C. G. WALTER, St. Louis, wrist fractured, face and body bruised.
The names of fifteen others injured are not reported.

Palo Alto Reporter Emmetsburg Iowa 1920-07-08


Livermore, IA Train Wreck Jul 1920

Thank you for sharing - interesting. My Great Grandfather was Henry Dawson, killed in this accident.