Kensett, IA Business Block Fire, May 1907

Kensett IA business fire .jpg


Early this morning, shortly after midnight, a fire broke out in the main business block of Kensett and in two or three hours it swept out of existence four buildings with most of their contents:
BERGERSON'S furniture.
The SAVRE general store, owned by GEO. MARINER.
BJORGO'S hardware.
The TOLLEFARUD harness shop.
A pool hall, barber shop, DR. GIBB'S dentist office and MRS. LITTLEFIELD'S millinery, housed in second stories, were destroyed with all they contained. DR. GIBBS had a very narrow escape in scanty attire. The bank and post office were saved by hard fighting. Practically nothing was got out except from the harness shop. The losses are heavy and the insurance light -- $2,000 for BJORGO, $1,000 for BERGERSON, MARINER'S just run out and the others practically nill. It is said the fire started in the pool hall and spread rapidly both ways. The fire fighters did splendid service under adverse circumstances. About thirty Northwood people went down by teams and autos, but arrived too late to be of much service. This second big fire is a pretty hard hit for Kensett. It is probable the stores will be rebuilt, and in better shape. Our information is naturally vague as the phone line was put out of commission.

Worth County News Northwood Iowa 1907-05-02