Indianapolis, IN Train Wreck, Apr 1910

Engine Hits Auto Patrol

Four Men Narrowly Escape Death When Crash Occurs at Railroad Crossing.

Engine Hits Wagon.

CHARLES REED, 1003 English avenue, was seriously injured and W. H. McMULLEN, 130 East Michigan street; JASPER RAISOR, 1018 Oliver avenue, and GEORGE PARKER, 517 Division street, narrowly escaped death when a fast-moving switch engine on the New York Central Railroad crashed into their automobile at East street and the New York Central tracks about 6:15 o’clock last night.

The men are employed by the Overland Automobile Company, Oliver avenue and Drover street, and were driving south on East street when they were struck by the engine. Their machine was an Overland patrol wagon. McMULLEN was driving and REED, RAISOR, and PARKER were sitting in the inclosure [sic], back of the wheel. Engineer FRANK MILLER, who was handling the engine, says he did not see the automobile until a moment before his engine crashed into it, and that as he was running east the wagon dashed across the tracks.

Engine Strikes Wagon.

The engine struck the back end of the wagon and dragged it down the tracks about twenty-five feet. The machine was mashed and REED was caught in the crash. RAISOR and PARKER, who were in the same part of the machine as REED, escaped without a scratch.

The police were notified of the accident, and Bicyclemen SIMON and GLENN and Sergts. WHITE, ROW and BARMFUHRER, in an automobile, rushed to the scene. After an investigation they said it was an accident, and arrested no one.

REED was sent to the City Hospital in the City Dispensary ambulance. He was injured in the back and a gash was cut across his forehead. It was said, after his examination at the hospital, that his injuries are not fatal.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 22 Apr 1910