Macksville, IN Tornado Damages Towns, May 1873


From the Terre Haute Express, May 3.
One of the strangest storm-freaks ever known occurred in Sugar Creek township Thursday evening, about 6 o'clock, at the time of the hail-storm in this city. A tornado commenced on JOHN HARRIS' place at Cherry Grove prostrating the trees in the grove, and sweeping almost with the velocity of lightning to Macksville, a distance of a mile and a quarter, and ending finally in the river bottom 800 yards this side of Macksville. The track of the hurricane was only about forty feet in width, but it swept everything clean before it. Every tree in its course was blown to the earth. In the river bottom giant elms were snapped off as if they had been brittle pipe-stems. Two stables were demolished in Macksville, and the tornado struck the corners of two houses, shattering them, and carrying articles of bed-clothing, &c., a great distance. In the bottom, water was thrown into the air 100 feet, and altogether the scene was appalling, as could well be imagined. Fortunately, no human being was in the track of the tornado.

The New York Times New York 1873-05-06