Evansville, IN Flood, Jan 1937

$50 Taximan Sought

TERRE HAUTE, Ind., Jan. 26. – (UP) – A family of flood refugees from Evansville sought a taxicab to take them to Paris, Ill. The taxi driver offered a flat rate of $50 for the 32-mile trip. Police are looking for him.

Nevada State Journal, Reno, NV 27 Jan 1937



Life waits neither for flood, fire, nor disaster. Here in the arms of Nurse Nathalie Dike Bosse is the tiny baby born to Mrs. Elvis Lee of Evansville shortly after her rescue from the rising flood waters.

The Frederick Post, Frederick, MD 29 Jan 1937


Seeks to Advise Relatives She Is Safe

A letter to The Times Recorder Sunday from Myrtle Minnette of 710 Locust street, Evansville, Ind., states she has attempted to contact her sisters and brothers near Zanesville to advise them she was safe but has been unable to do so.

The letter written Friday states in part: “I am in the flooded area of Evansville and the waters are a short distance from my door. I don not know whether or not we will have to evacuate. I wish my sisters to know I am safe so far. The water plant is out of commission and a small amount of drinking water is supplied by a reservoir on Stringtown hill. This is turned on one hour daily I could write pages and pages of sorrow and distress in Evansville but there has not been a fatality in our county of Vanderburg.

The sisters named in the letter are: Lizzie Higginbotham of near Coal Dale: Ella Tusing of near Hopewell and Evalyn Hensley of near Rose Farm.

The Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH 1 Feb 1937



Several Buildings Were Wrecked In Windstorms Which Swept Evansville, Ind., Yesterday.

By The Associated Press.

Evansville, Ind., Feb. 8 – Evansville still struggling to get back to normal after the worst flood in its history, was struck by a windstorm this afternoon which demolished a few buildings, unroofed houses, wrecked porches and caused other damage. No one was hurt.

The Frederick Post, Frederick MD 9 Feb 1937