Evansville, IN Flood, Jan 1937


By The Associated Press.

Chicago. Jan. 20. – Crumbling levees loosed torrents of water over fertile farm land today while the Coast Guard rushed boats and men to the Mid-Western flood bowl.

A seven-foot wall of water surged through a breach in the White river embankment in Indiana and sluiced across thousands of acres. The swollen stream broke through another weak spot in the same vicinity. The river reached the 1913 flood level and crept up an inch an hour at Hazelton, Ind. Later the levee, protecting this town of 500 inhabitants crumbled tonight under the strain of White river waters flooding the entire west section of the city and part of the business district. First reports said there was no loss of life.

Coast Guard headquarters at Chicago loaded six radio-equipped surf boats on flatcars and dispatched two of them to Hazelton and four to Evansville, Ind.

Three flood relief directors from National Red Cross headquarters supervised evacuation of 500 families from the Evansville district.

The Frederick Post, Frederick, MD 21 Jan 1937


EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Highest floods in history drove 40,000 refugees to higher ground; whole villages inundated in Indiana; 6000 workers aided in rescue.

Nevada State Journal, Reno NV 23 Jan 1937



EVANSVILLE, Ind., Monday, Jan. 25 – (UP) – Ohio river flood waters swept over the 51-foot flood wall at Evansville today and began creeping toward the business district.

The river was at its highest peak in Evansville history. Forecasters said it would go up at least two more feet.

Residents who for days as flood waters rose menacingly had believed themselves safe behind the giant barricade, prepared to evacuate.

Nevada State Journal, Reno NV 25 Jan 1937



Guardsmen Order 100,000 People Out.


Evacuation of Evansville, a city of 100,000 population, was ordered by national guard headquarters at Indianapolis.

Evening State Journal, Lincoln, NE 25 Jan 1937



Martial Law in 33 Counties in Flood Zone

EVANSVILLE, Ind., Jan 25 – (AP) –

Indiana’s southern borderland was abandoned tonight to the mounting fury of the Ohio river’s highest flood. Whole cities were evacuated.

Special trains sped thousands of bedraggled and heart-sick refugees northward to food, shelter and helping hands.

A National Guard army, directed from Indianapolis by Adjutant General Elmer F Straub, ruled the flood zones in 33 counties under a declaration of a state of martial law.

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