Lawrenceburg, IN Flood, Jan 1907

Lawrenceburg Terrified.

Lawrenceburg, Ind., Jan 20.—The situation here to-day was most alarming, the conditions almost approximating those of the flood of 1884.
With the waves of the Ohio splashing over the levee which protects the town, and the certain knowledge that rains already fallen will bring the torrent over the barriers within a few hours, the people left in this city passed a sleepless night.

The town is ten feet below the top of the levee, and the whole city may be submerged from three to nine feet. The money loss in that event will be close to $1,000,000.

One hundred and fifty picked men patrolled the levee all night, while gangs of men with thousands of bags of sand and many carloads of stone and other ballast were ready to stop any crevasse that may be discovered. Business is at a standstill. The city is cut off from railroad communication with the outside world. Last night rain fell in torrents and the wind blew a gale. No street cars are running.

The place is practically under martial law. The manufacturing plants back of the town are shut down.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 21 Jan 1907