Indianapolis, IN Auto Wreck, Apr 1910


John Casserly Steps Into Path of Machine Driven by Albert Von Spreckelsen.

JOHN CASSERLY, 70 years old, 414 Patterson street, was struck and fatally injured last night shortly before 8 o’clock by the automobile of ALBERT VON SPRECKELSEN, contractor, at East Michigan and Pine streets. Casserly died at the City Hospital at 9:40 o’clock. The contractor was arrested, charged with assault and battery, which was not changed as is customary on the death of the injured man. Von Spreckelsen was released on his own recognizance, being bound only by his promise to CAPT. CRANE to appear in Police Court this morning.
According to the statements of an only witness, WILLIAM RUGENSTEIN SR., watchman at the L. E. & W. railroad crossing at Ohio and Pine streets, Mr. Von Spreckelsen tells the truth in a statement that Casserly himself was chiefly responsible for the accident. Mr. Von Spreckelsen was driving west. In the car with him were his wife and daughters. The speed of the machine was slow, not exceeding eight miles an hour.

Steps In Auto’s Path.
Mr. Casserly, who was feeble and was moving slowly, stepped from the curb on Pine street to cross Michigan. He had all but cleared the path in front of the auto when he seemed to notice it, and as Mr. Von Spreckelsen, who was driving, started ahead he stepped back in confusion and was knocked down. The machine was brought to a stop after it had dragged Casserly a few feet. The ambulance was summoned and Casserly was rushed to the City Hospital in the charge of DR. HUNT. He did not regain consciousness. Death was caused by a fracture at the base of the brain.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Von Spreckelsen were deeply affected by the accident. They went to Casserly’s home and notified relatives of his condition, taking them to the hospital in their machine.

Wheelmen SIMON and GLENN investigated the case and their verbal report practically exonerated the auto driver. Capt. Crane, however, asked that Mr. Von Spreckelsen go to headquarters and be slated.
“Mr. Von Spreckelsen appears to have been blameless in this case,” said the captain. “However, I prefer that JUDGE COLLINS should hear whatever evidence there is in the case and decide it. Therefore I ordered the arrest.”

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 22 Apr 1910