Indianapolis, IN Purdue University Football Team in Train Wreck, Oct 1903

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The dead were removed last. Several wagons belonging to teamsters living in the neighborhood were pressed into service and the dead were carried away as fast as they could be taken from the wreck.
Many of the bodies were so mangled that they could be identified only by letters and other paper in the clothing. The cause of the accident has not been explained. The engineers of both trains say they had the right of way and were proceeding without knowledge that another train was on the track. There is a sharp curve where the wreck occurred, and many freight cars were standing on the side tracks, obscuring the view.
The following were taken from the wreck dead:
CHARLES H. GRUBE, substitute player, Butler, Ind.
CHARLES FURR, guard, Vandersburg, Ind.
E. C. ROBERTSON, assistant coach and captain of the team two years ago, Indianapolis, Ind.
WALTER L. ROUSH, substitute player, Pittsburg, Pa.
R. J. POWELL, an Indian player, Corpus Christi, Texas.
W. D. HAMILTON, centre, Bridgetown, Illinois.
GABRIEL S. DROLLINGER, substitute player, Lafayette, Ind.
SAMUEL SQUIBB, substitute player, Lawrenceburg, Ind.
JAY HAMILTON, substitute player, Huntington, Ind.;
N. R. HOWARD, president of the Indiana Laundrymen's association, Lafayette, Ind.
PATRICK McCLAIR, assistant coach, Chicago;
SAMUEL TRUITT, substitute player, Noblesville, Ind.
G. L. SHAW, Indiana Harbor, Ind.
W. S. McMILLEN, Indianapolis.
BERT PRICE, substitute player, Spencer, Ind.
J. C. COATS, Berwin, Pa.
WALTER BAILEY, of New Richmond, Ind., substitute player on the Purdue University football team, died on the afternoon after the accident from internal injuries received in the Big Four wreck. This is the sixteenth death.

Some of the Injured.
Of the surviving members of the football team:
C. W. ZIMMERMAN, has the muscles of his right leg torn at the knee.
F. H. LONG, of Louisville, is badly bruised about the head.
F. H. MILLER, is cut about the head.
Fullback THOMAS, has a bad cut on his right leg.
Substitute end McCORMICK, is injured about the limbs.
C. O. TANSMAN, of Cincinnati, is probably fatally injured.
T. A. BAILEY, of Richmond, Ind., is also in a critical condition.
SIM MILLER, has both legs broken, with the bone of one shattered.
WILLIAM McMANUS, of Davenport, Ia., has both legs broken.
R. W. RUSTERHOSE, of Peoria, Ills., president of the junior class of Purdue, suffered fractures and broken ribs.
Both engineers say they had the right of track and knew nothing of the other train.
Dr. Bitting, one of the injured, is state veterinarian and a member of Purdue University faculty.
It is reported tonight that H. G. LESLIE, of Lafayette, ex-captain of the team, can not recover.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1903-11-06