Indianapolis, IN Semi And Van Crash, Aug 1999


Indianapolis (AP) - The semi truck driver involved in a fatal collision with a van told police he didn't see the stopped vehicle in front of him because he was temporarily blinded by sunlight.
Five occupants of a 1993 Dodge van were killed instantly Sunday when the semi hit the van from behind at an unknown speed, police said.
Police still were checking to see if JEFFREY BROUSH, 37, of Ashton, Iowa, fell asleep at the wheel. Initial tests show alcohol was not a factor.
The driver of the van, HARRIET NORLING, 39, of Fort Belvoir, Va., was stopped behind another car at a stoplight about 7 a.m. on the northwest side of Indianapolis.
NORLING, her husband, ALBERT NORLING, 37, and the couple's two children, 11-year-old JACOB and 10-year-old WILLIAM, all died in the crash.
The family was headed home after a visit to grandparents in Sunburst, Mont., investigators said.
ALBERT NORING'S sister, JAYDEEN SMITH, from Eden, Md., also died.
BROUSH was traveling at highway speeds when he failed to stop, police said. Investigators said the brakes on the semi appeared to be working.
Also injured was 24-year-old GREGORY O'BRIEN of Zionsville.

The Noblesville Ledger Indiana 1999-08-23