Otis, IN Train Wrecks on Washed Out Bridge, May 1892

Otis, Indiana Train Wrecks on Washed Out Bridge, May 1892


Fearful Wreck on the Monon Near Michigan City, Ind.

A Train Crashes Through a Trestle, and Three of Its Crew Lose Their Lives.


MICHIGAN CITY, May 3. -- A bad wreck on the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago road occurred at Otis, Ind., 7 miles south of here, at 12:30 o'clock a.m., resulting in the death of the following train crew Engineer J. C. Murray, Fireman James Brown and Brakeman Elmer H. Brown.

A Train's Fatal Plunge.
Engine 27, going from Monon to Michigan City, with a heavy train of freight cars, dashed through the trestle into the swollen mill stream beneath. Several miles above the bridge is a dam which gave way shortly before midnight and tearing along bore with it a large sawmill. It is supposed that the mill struck the trestle just as the loaded cars were on it. The bridge is a new one and made of oak and iron. The curve in the road and the darkness, together with the downpour of rain made it impossible for the engineer to notice the washout and the engine and twelve cars went over, bearing with them the trainmen who were killed. The cars were loaded with pig iron and coal and crushed down upon the engine, which was buried in water.

Muskegon Chronicle, Muskegon, MI 3 May 1892



A Freight Train Goes Through a Bridge at Otis, Ind. -- Three Men Killed.

A north-bound freight train on the Louisville, New Albany and Chicago railroad was wrecked one mile north of Otis, Ind., early yesterday morning. The Train crashed through a bridge and the engine and eight cars went down, the caboose and two cars remaining on the track. The bodies of the engineer, fireman and brakeman, who were in the cab of the engine when it struck the bridge, were buried in the water beneath an immense mass of wreckage. Traffic was abandoned north of Otis. The heavy downfall of rain which set in about 6 o'clock Sunday night washed away the foundations of the bridge, leaving the top parts intact. There was no warning and the train dashed headlong into the water beneath the sinking structure. The killed are: Engineer John Murray, James Bowen, fireman, and Elmer Brown, brakeman.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 3 May 1892