Irvington, IN Freight and Fast Passenger Trains Collide, Nov 1912


C. IMHOLT AND WIFE, theatrical people, of Los Angeles, Cal.

ALBERT ALLEN, Los Angeles, Cal.

BERT WHITE, brakeman, freight, Indianapolis.

JOSEPH L. PALMER, Etawah, Tenn.

JOHN CHANEY, aged 52, Jackson, Ky.

MRS. CLIFTON CHANEY and son, Chester, aged 5 months, Jackson, Ky.

CHARLES CHANEY, aged 18, Jackson, Ky.

LILY CHANEY, aged 2 years, daughter of Clifton Chaney.

BEN BOYLE; had ticket to Chicago.

CONDUCTOR EARL WIGGINS of passenger train, Indianapolis.

ENGINEER WILLIAM SHARKEY, of passenger train, Indianapolis.


C. F. GRUNDHOEFER, Cincinnati.

Unidentified boy about 15 years old, wore clothing purchased in Louisville.

Fifteen seriously injured were taken to the Deaconness hospital in this city.

The wreck caught fire, but was put out before any damage was done.  Most of the dead were found in the wreckage of the first car, which telescoped the luggage car.

Firemen and police worked at the wreck two hours before the first body was found.  Holes were chopped in the tops of the cars and the injured supplied with water, for which they cried pitifully.

Partial List of Injured.

Among the injured are:

Fred Hutchinson, fireman passenger train, Madison, Va.

Burton Jones, mail clerk, Dayton, O., injured abut head and back.

Clifton Chaney, Jackson, Ky.,  injured about the body.

A. York, engineer of freight train, injured in jumping.

J. C. Stallman, baggageman on passenger train, legs broken.

Carl Gross, Indianapolis, head brakeman on freight train, leg broken.

J. W. Jefferson, negro porter, Chicago.