Crown Point, IN Tornado, May 1917

Hammond, Ind., May 28. – Over a stretch of territory twenty miles in width and five in depth the spent end of the Illinois tornado of Saturday night inflicted death and disaster whose results grow as communication is established with the stricken district along the Kankakee river in Indiana. Three dead, five dying and forty injured with an estimated property loss of half million dollars is the toll so far, but the figures are expected to grow in seriousness, as later reports come in at Hebron, Shelby, Crown Point, Lowell, Cedar Lake, where people were killed and injured, but until wires are up full estimates of the damage will be unobtainable. Hebron, a town of 1,500 in Porter county, was the worst sufferer. Calls for doctors and relief came from Crown Point and one hundred autos hurried to assist.

Three Dead at Crown Point.

Three dead are reported at Crown Point. E.B. Prattaged, fifty-nine, was crushed the debris of an elevator; Leslie Kenney, aged thirteen, struck by flying timber, and Mrs. Alice Kenzie; skull fractured, are the dead there. The injured are Mrs. Louis Sunday, both legs broken; Miss Lettie Garvey, crushed and arm broken; Wm. Simpson, chest crushed; Oscar Bagley, broken leg and internal injuries; Giles Aylesworth, internal injuries, and Roy Smith, legs broken, are the worst injured.

Car Upset, Foreman Fatally Hurt.

Between Crown Point and Hebron the wind overturned a railroad construction camp of eight cars on the Panhandle. The cook’s car set fire to the others and Mike Mitke, the foreman, was fatally hurt while twenty members of the crew were more or less injured. At Hebron the wind went through the outskirts of the city and several cottages were demolished and the Gridley elevator destroyed. Huge trees were uprooted and carried miles.

At Crown Point all the fair ground grand stands and horse barns were demolished. Joseph Shields, an aged horse trainer, was fatally hurt. At Cedar Lake, the Colmon stock farm was razed and Mr. and Mrs. Ailman were picked up from the ruins fatally crushed. At Lowell and east of it many farm houses were reported overturned but no reports of death, though several were hurt. At Shelby, John Wright was crushed when flying timbers from a house struck him. Four are seriously hurt there.

The Iowa City Citizen, Iowa City, IA 28 May 1917