Lawrenceburg, IN Storm, Feb 1832

Near this time [February 1832] there occurred an accident that cast a gloom over the town. The little log-house erected on the southwest corner of High and Walnut Streets, by William Morgan, was still standing, and in it was kept a store by Darragh & Askew; adjoining on High Street, Mr. John L. Bishop had erected a brick building for a saddler shop, and run up a fire wall next to the log building. One evening during a storm, the fire wall was blown over upon the log building. There were in it at the time Mr. Askew Darragh, John Mason, James M. Brasher and Thomas Longley. Mr. Askew was instantly killed. Mason was so severely hurt that he died in a short time afterward. Darragh, Brasher and Longley escaped with very slight injuries.

History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana, 1885, Page 256