Madison, IN Greathouse Family Drowned, May 1846

Madison Weekly Courier newspaper, Madison, IN
Saturday 16 May 1846; Page 2, Column 2


The bodies of two little boys were found floating in the (Ohio)river opposite this city one day last week. Life was extinct, and as the bodies were naked or nearly so, it was impossible to know anything of their unfortunate death.

We learn since that there has been one of the heaviest freshets*(sic) along the ---th branch of Laughery** that has been known for thirty-five years.

The Indiana Blade of last Saturday says that the dwelling of Mr. ELIAS GREATHOUSE, which was situated on a small tributary of the South Branch of Laughery, was swept away in the night, and the whole family found a watery grave.

The body of Mrs. G. was found at Hanover ferry on Thursday moring, 12 miles below their late residence, surrounded by furniture and ----wood. The citizens of the neighborhood and along the river had made diligent search, but at the last accounts the body of Mr. GREATHOUSE had not been recovered.

The two boys whose bodies were found here, were no doubt the sons of Mr. G. We learn they were decently interred in our city graveyard.

*Freshet - From Wikipedia
A freshet can refer to one of the following:
A flood resulting from heavy rain or a spring thaw. Whereas heavy rain often causes a flash flood, a spring thaw event is generally a more incremental process, depending upon local climate and topography. The term freshet is most commonly used to describe a spring thaw resulting from snow and ice melt in rivers located in the northern latitudes of North America, particularly Canada, where rivers are frozen each winter and thaw during the spring. A spring freshet can sometimes last several weeks on large river systems, resulting in significant inundation of flood plains as the snow pack melts in the river's catchment area. Spring freshets associated with thaw events are sometimes accompanied by ice jams which can cause flash floods.
A stream or river of fresh water which empties into the ocean, usually flowing through an estuary.

**About Laughery Creek
By Zugford T. Zugsworthy
From its source in northern Ripley County, Laughery Creek flows ninety some-odd miles through scenic southeastern Indiana hill country and Versailles State Park, then forms the boundary between Ohio and Dearborn Counties, and finally empties into the Ohio River between Aurora and Rising Sun. Most of the watershed and creek corridor is wooded with some bottomland farming.

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