Frankfort, IN Flax Mill Explosion, Mar 1880


Indianapolis, March 11. -- The flax mills of Lehman, Rosenthal & Co., at Frankfort, Ind., exploded this morning about 7 o'clock. The mills are entirely destroyed by fire. Ten persons killed. Cause of the explosion is unknown.
PATRICK LEAHY, foreman and THOMAS CRAXTON, engineer, are among the killed.
The engineer's watch was found. It had stopped at five minutes before 7 o'clock. It is supposed that was the time of the explosion. Eight bodies were recovered, all horribly mangled. They were taken from the engine room, where it is supposed they were changing their clothes preparatory to commencing work. The victims are:
THOS. CROYTON, engineer, single.
PATRICK LEAHY, fireman, 40 year old, unmarried.
MICHAEL SHIELDS, 55, leaves a wife and children.
JAS. ROGERS, leaves a wife and family.
SCOTT WILLIAMS, widower, leaves one child.
JOS. MILLER, leaves a wife and family.
ELI HEMLICK, unmarried, a son of Rev. Hemlick, of Boyleston.
JOSEPH EICHINBERG, widower, leaves three children.
JOHN HOLLSCHICED, Lebanon, 20 years old.
MONROE WEBB, unmarried.
The bookkeeper, WALTER SLOWMAN, was ten minutes late coming, and was within two minutes' walk of the mill when the explosion took place.
Loss $10,000; insurance $3,000.
The bodies were mutilated beyond recognition and were thrown 50 to 100 yards distant. ROGERS' head was blown entirely away; not a vestige of it could be found. Parts of the boiler were thrown 300 yards away. The building and all its contents was entirely destroyed by fire.

Daily Globe St. Paul Minnesota 1880-03-12