Terre Haute, IN Tornado, Mar 1913


Two Hundred and Fifty Injured and Two Hundred and Seventy-Five Homes Destroyed.

Terra Haute, Ind – Nineteen persons are know to have been killed, 250 more or less are seriously injured, 275 homes are destroyed and other property damaged, estimated at nearly a million dollars, was the toll of the tornado that devasted [sic] Terre Haute and vicinity Sunday night. The officials in charge of the rescuing work say the list of dead will be increased as they clear away the debris of wrecked buildings.

Hundreds of homeless are being cared for by charitable institutions and citizens, while the wrecked district is being patrolled by National guardsmen and the local police force. The militia was ordered out early Monday by Governor Ralston, who directed the relief measures from Indianapolis.

Relief work showed that hundreds lost everything they owned and their suffering was made more acute by the rain. The downpour, while adding to their discomfort, was probably the greatest boon the stricken district could have asked, for it extinguished innumerable fires that broke out immediately after the tornado had passed.

Carbon County Utah 1913-03-27