Evansville, IN Storm and Flood, Jan 1907

By Storm and Flood.

Evansville, Ind. Jan. 21.—A high windstorm which has been raging in this vicinity adds greatly to the misery existing as the result of flood conditions. Reports received from nearby cities tell the same story of destruction and loss by the combined flood and storm. Houses owned by D. W. WILSON, NORA PLATT and D. BURTON were washed away by the wind above Newburg, a small settlement up the river. Burton escaped from his house by tying rafters enough together to support his weight. He paddled to land after being on the water six hours. He is in a critical condition, the result of his experience. Across the river from Newburg the situation is worse than anywhere else, the people in their homes there being caught between Green river and the Ohio.

The Newark Advocate, Newark, OH 21 Jan 1907


High Wind Adds To Damage.

Homes Washed Away and River Still Rising.

Evansville, Ind., Jan 20.—A high wind in this vicinity for the past twenty-four hours has done much damage and adds to the loss caused by the floods. Houses owned D. W. WILSON, NORA PLATT and D. BURTON, were washed away by the high water last night above Newburg.

Appeals for medical aid were received tonight from farmers near Scuffletown, a few miles from here.

After being exposed to the wind and flood for twenty-four hours, WILLIAM GOODWIN and CLIFFORD MAYER were rescued from a flood-bound house today where they had been marooned since last night.
The river is rising and stands at 44.7 feet.

Morning World-Herald, Omaha, NE 21 Jan 1907