Morocco, IN Tornado, Apr 1912

Kentland, Ind., April 21.--Nine persons were killed, five others so severely injured that they are expected to die, half a hundred others bruised by flying debris, and thousands of dollars' worth of property destroyed in and around Morocco, Newton County, when a tornado swept out of the West this evening.

The dead are: Mrs. Charles Rice, Morocco, Ind.; four young children of Mrs. Rice; Frank Rice, a son; Mrs. Frank Rice, his wife; Miss Cassie Smart of Morocco; infant sister of Miss Smart.

Those who may die are: Charles Smart, Charles Rice, Bruce Hanger, Medde Hammell, Miss Conn.

Others were less severely hurt. Twenty houses were blown down in and near Morocco, and fully 40 habitations in Newton county were destroyed.

As near as can be judged here, the tornado started in Iroquois county, Ill., and then swept eastward. Stock was killed when farm buildings went down.

Morocco is but 5 miles north of Hazelton, George Ade's county home. It has not been learned whether his property was damaged or not.

Every doctor in Morocco and adjoining territory was called out, and improvised hospitals have been set up in several localities.

Electric lines are down and communication between Kentland and the outside world is obtainable only by a circuitous route to the eastward.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC, 22 Apr 1912


At Morocco, Ind., 9 dead, 12 injured.

Chicago, April 22. -- A tornado that swept from Cairo to Grand Park, Ill., crossing the Indiana state line a little below the Kankakee river and bringing desolation to the county near Morocco, Ind., brought death to 35 persons, according to reports of the disaster that have been received today.

Wires are still postrated in many parts of the stricken district and it is believed that complete details may increase the list of dead. Hundreds of persons were injured.

The latest reports show 18 killed at Bush, Ill; five killed at Willisville; three killed at Campus and nine killed at Morocco, Ind.

The identified dead:

NELSON HULSE, wife and daughter, crushed in the wreckage of their home, Campus, Ill.

CASSIE SMART, 14 years old, Morocco, Ind.

BABY SMART, Morocco.

MRS. CHARLES RICE and four children, Morocco.

Two other children are fatally injured.

The others have not been identified.

The storm left a trail of wreckage for its entire course, but the greatest devastation was near Murpshysboro, Ill., and Morocco, Ind. .....

The town of Bush is near Murphysboro. The storm struck there before 6 o'clock last night. The village was practically wiped out of existence.

Houses were crumpled up and toppled over and 12 persons were killed outright. News of the disaster was telephoned to Murphsboro [sic] and a special train send out. Two hours later the train carrying 42 injured reached Murphysboro.

At Morocco, the storm struck a little later in the evening. The town, with about 1200 inhabitants, was swept from end to end. Houses were wrecked and the storm, sweeping on across the country, demolished a number of farm dwellings.

In one of these two miles east of Morocco, Cassie Smart and her baby sister were crushed to death.

The Newark Advocate, Newark, OH 22 Apr 1912