Coatesville, Danville, Hadley, IN Tornado, Mar 1948


By the Associated Press.
Fifteen persons were killed and scores were injured when tornadoes lashed thru four states Friday.
At least 13 persons were killed and dozens injured by a twister which cut a path across west central Indiana.
Eight persons were known dead at Coatesville, about 30 miles west of Indianapolis, DONALD HOWARD, 14, son of MR. and MRS. HOMER HOWARD, was killed in Danville and MRS. RUTH DIERDOFF, 36, was killed in Clay county, 30 miles southwest of there. Two men were killed in Hadley, between Danville and Coatesville.
Coatesville, a town of 350 persons, was in ruins. Twenty-five homes, a grain elevator, several business houses and several automobiles were destroyed. A four-story apartment building was leveled and burned.

The Nebraska State Journal Lincoln 1948-03-27



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