Galesburg, IL Opera House Fire, Dec 1886

An Opera House Burned.

Galesburg, Ill., Dec. 29.-The Galesburg Opera House was destroyed by fire to-night. Loss, $75,000; insurance, $25,000. The first floor was occupied by stores. C. Buchwald & Co., wholesale liquor, lose $10,000 on their stock. During the fire a fireman, said to have been intoxicated with liquor rescued from the flames, drove a hose cart through Main Street at break-neck speed, running down six persons. Two of them were seriously injured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 30 Dec 1886


The opera house block at Galesburg, Ill., containing besides the theatre, stores and offices, was burned to the ground Wednesday afternoon and the loss is placed at $45,000, with insurance of $45,000, A drunken fireman drove a hose cart through a crowd of people, five or six of whom were badly injured.

Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI 31 Dec 1886


Fires Dire Work.

The Galesburg Opera House Block Destroyed, Entailing a Loss of About $80,000.

Flames At Galesburg.
The Opera House Block Burned.
Special Telegram to The Inter Ocean.

Galesburg, Ill., Dec. 29.-The Galesburg Opera House block caught fire about 4 o'clock this afternoon. In spite of the efforts of the fire department, which did good service, the flames got beyond control, and in two hours the whole block was completely gutted. In addition to the Opera House auditorium, which occupied the third story of the building, the block occupied by N. and F.C. Brechwald, wholesale and retail liquor dealers; G.D. Crocker, groceries; and Ben Altene, billiard parlors. The second floor of the building was occupied by the Workingmen's Club, the cigar factory of Val Weiss, and a number of lawyers' offices. The total loss on the building and stock can not be far from $80,000. The insurance will exceed $15,000. The heroic efforts of the firemen prevented the fire from spreading to the adjacent buildings. At about 7 p.m. Cal Grey, one of the firemen who is said to have become intoxicated with some of the liquors rescued tom the flames, drove one of the hose carts at break-neck speed through the crowd on the square, one of whom, Richard Davis, the son of R.T. Davis, division freight agent of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, is lying in a precarious condition. One or two others were badly injured.

Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 30 Dec 1886