Kappa, IL Tornado, May 1858

(From the Bloomington Pantagraph, Saturday.)
The storm of Thursday evening proves to have been even more violent than we at first supposed.

John Taylor of this place accompanied Sheriff Moore to Kappa yesterday. He gave us the following particulars last evening:
Fred Moore, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Willis are dangerously hurt. The two children (aged one year) not hurt. Mrs. Moore was found about twenty rods from the site of the house. She had both of the children (her own and that of Mrs. Willis,) with her, and was endeavoring to keep them on the ground, and shield them from the rain. She does not recollect how she got hold of them. Fred Moore and Mrs. Willis did not come to their senses until Friday forenoon. A wash tub belonging to Mrs. Willis was blown three-quarters of a mile, and several chairs were blown over a quarter of a mile from the house. All who were in the house were more or less bruised by the stove and furniture. MR. TOOLEY was killed instantly. The house turned over three times before it went to pieces.
The station house at Kappa was unroofed; and three or four private houses suffered in a similar manner. Two barns this side of the Mackinaw were blown over, and four horses were killed.

A gentleman who met Mr. Taylor in Kappa on Friday morning, said that while coming in from the country he saw ten farm houses which had been overturned. They were all within a distance of four miles.

Chicago Daily Tribune, Chicago, IL 18 May 1858