Canton, IL Opera House Fire, Sept 1893


Narrow Escape From a Holocaust at Canton, Ills.

Cantons, Ills., Sept. 21.- At 9:30 p.m. during the performance of "Michael Scrogon" in the new opera house the scenery caught fire. In a few minutes the entire interior was a roaring furnace. The audience cautioned to stand still, and many remained standing. This delay nearly caused a holocaust. Twenty persons were burned, three or four seriously. It is thought that everybody got out of the house, but this is not known to be a fact. The loss is $6,000 to the house. The theatrical company lost everything, and $2,000 in cash.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, Bismarck, ND 21 Sept 1893


Only Caused One Death.

CANTON, Ills., Sept., 21. - The only death resulting from the opera house fire was that of Peter Currie, 78 years of age. The total loss will amount to $100,000, upon which there is about $40,000 insurance.

The Evening News, Lincoln NE 21 Sept. 1893