Chicago, IL Transit House Fire, Jan 1912

The next morning at the fire


Chicago, Jan. 5. -- The Transit house at the Union stock yards was badly damaged by fire this afternoon. The flames started while the hotel, which is a gathering place for stockmen from all parts of the country, was crowded with guests.

It was reported that a number of girls in the servants quarters on the top floor of the burning building were trapped. Firemen who raised ladders rescued some of the women, but were said to have been driven back by the flames before all who were cut off from the stairs had been carried to safety.

Later it was declared that all those on the upper floors had been rescued. Many of the guests had exciting escapes. A live stock commission merchant and his wife were so benumbed by the cold that they could not descend the fire escapes and were carried to the ground by firemen.

At 2 o'clock the firemen declared that the flames were under control.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel Indiana 1912-01-05