Mt Pulaski, IL Tornado, Jun 1902


Mt. Pulaski Suffered Considerable Damage.

Mt. Pulaski, Illa., June 12.-(Special Correspondence of The Review.)-This city was visited at 11:10 p. m. Tuesday night by a regular old-fashioned cyclone. Trees five feet in diameter were uprooted and limbs as large as a man's body were twisted off and hurled into the street. Many windows in dwelling houses were broken and store fronts blown to the rear of the buildings. Roofs were torn off and hundreds of fruit trees were destroyed The electric lights went out at 11:15 o'clock and we were left in total darkness.

The high school commencement exercises had just closed and many were in from the country and were on their way home and they were all much frightened.

A gentleman from Qalney who had alighted from the 1:10 a. m. train, in floundering around in the dark ran into trees and finally stepped into a ditch, severely spraining his ankle. With the help of a lantern he was taken to the residence of his son, DOCTOR RIGGS, at the other end of town.

The steeple on the new German Lutheran church was badly damaged. The dedication was to have taken place next Sunday.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 12 Jun 1902