Moweaqua, IL Tornado, Jun 1907

Houses and Barns Destroyed Between Assumption and Moweaqua.

Freaks of Storm.

(Review Special Service.)

Moweaqua, Ill., June 8. – A cyclone swept the country about four miles south of here yesterday afternoon at about 5 o’clock. As the wires are down the extent of the damage has not yet been ascertained.

Two barns belonging to O. SPRINKLE were blown away.

A number of people who were on their way to town watched the storm and parts of buildings could be seen flying through the air.

A severe hail storm visited Moweaqua and vicinity Friday afternoon. Very little damage is reported, but some immense hailstones fell, quite a number being picked up that were as large as hen’s eggs.


The worst damage reported was at the home of Mike Walters, four and a half miles south of here. All the fences on the place and the barn were destroyed. The house was moved off its foundation, a porch was torn loose and every window pane was broken.

A small boy in the family was slightly hurt by broken glass.

A wagon box was blown on top of the house.

A cow belonging to Mr. WALTERS was blown over two fences and against a tree breaking its neck. To keep his live stock together through the night Mr. WALTERS had to improvise a sort of pen of logs. The family was obliged to go to the home of a neighbor to spend the night.

Losers in Storm Near Decatur.

M. WALTERS….$2,000

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 8 Jun 1907