Carbondale, IL Train Wreck, Feb 1909

Five Killed, On I.C. Railroad 36 Injured.

The south-bound Illinois Central train which passed through this city at 8:35 o’clock Tuesday morning was wrecked at a point one mile this side of Carbondale at about 11 o’clock.

While no names were learned, it is said that five were killed and thirty-six were injured. Among the injured is Conductor Pinkham, who was in charge of the train.

Mrs. Serena Walton, mother of Mrs. Will Merker of this city, was a passenger on the train that was wrecked. No word has been learned whether or not Mrs. Walton was injured. Immediately after the news of the wreck reached this city Mrs. Merker departed for Carbondale to make a personal investigation.

The wreck, it is said, was a frightful one. The train was turned over and it is probable that many of the injured persons will die.

The injured were taken to Carbondale and other nearby towns, where they were given medical attention.

The train consisted of locomotive and six coaches.

At the time of going to press no names as yet could be secured.
Belleville News-Democrat, Belleville, IL 16 Feb 1909

Four Killed; 36 Hurt In Western Wreck

An Illinois Central Passenger Train Wrecked on a High Trestle.

Murphysboro, Ill., Feb. 16.-Four passengers were killed and 36 injured today when an Illinois Central train bound from St. Louis to New Orleans was wrecked on a high trestle by running into a broken rail, six miles east of Murphysboro.

The dead:
MRS. GRACE PERRY, Carbondale, Ill.
SHERIFF ALDEN and MRS. ALDEN, Union County, Ill.
B. BRINKLEY, Carbondale.

The injured included Rev. H.M. McClellan, of Murphysboro, and sixteen members of the Perry Hastens show troupe slightly hurt and Miss Helen Yellewe, of the show troupe back injured, seriously.

None of the injured will die.

The Macon Daily Telegraph, Macon, GA 17 Feb 1909