Chicago, IL Train - Trolley Car Wreck, May 1896

Car And Engine Collide.

Accident Is Foreseen and the Passengers Escape.

Passengers on south-bound electric car No. 1,924 of the Halsted Street line had a scare about 6 o’clock last night at the Panhandle Railroad crossing and Halsted Street. The car was running south at a lively rate of speed with a full complement of passengers. As the motorman neared the crossing he applied the brakes, but they failed to work properly. At the same time engine No. 510 of the Panhandle line darted from between the coalhouses that border the east end of the tracks and started west.

A collision could not be averted, and the passengers who saw that it was inevitable prepared and on the instant jumped, while others were too badly frightened to follow. The car and engine kept on their respective courses and collided. The collision was a bad one for the electric car. The front platform was bruised and twisted out of shape and the glass in the car was reduced to splinters. The car was so badly damaged that it could not be used and was thrown on the side of the tracks. The engine was not ….escaped with a severe fright.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 14 May 1896