Pickneyville, IL Train Wreck, Jan 1910

Dead In Train Wreck.

Collision on Illinois Central Kills Fireman and Injures Ten Others.

Pinkneyville, Ill., Jan. 16.-CARL KITCHEN, a fireman, was killed and ten persons were injured to-day in a collision between an Illinois Central passenger train from Memphis, and a freight train. The accident occurred on a curve. Among the injured, all of whom will probably recover, are W.M. VAN LEAR of Philadelphia, neck twisted and internal injuries; T. FELBER, Cleveland, Ohio, back and neck injured, and C. RINALDO, Columbus, Ohio, neck and wrist twisted.

The freight train ran back to a water tank a quarter of a mile south of Pinkneyville on the passenger train’s time. The passenger train rounded the sharp curve and crashed into it. The locomotive was demolished, and the baggage car was piled on top of it. The injured were all in the day coaches.

MISS T.H. MCKENZIE of Lulu, Miss., was hurt, but she tore up her skirts and bandaged several wounds of other passengers.

The New York Times, New York, NY 17 Jan 1910