Shawneetown, IL Steamer JAMES JACKSON Explodes Sep 1851


Evansville, Ind., Monday, Sept. 22.
The steamer JAMES JACKSON, exploded yesterday, just as she was leaving Shawneetown, in Illinois.
A dreadful and heart-rending scene ensued. Thirty-five persons were killed and wounded. The shrieks of the wounded and dying caused a thrill of horror in every breast. We received the sad news here this morning by the steamer SUMMIT. The names of the sufferers, as far as we have been able to learn, are as follows:
JOHN FRANCIS, of Louisiana, badly wounded and scalded.
PHILIP RANCE, of Louisiana, killed.
Capt. HOLMES, of Natchez, killed.
Capt. WALKER, of Arkansas, killed.
JOHN GROMAR, of Vera Cruz, wounded and scalded.
EMANUEL BROWN, of New Orleans, scalded.
SOL. WARREN, negro, of Louisville, killed.
ISAAC C. GREEN, of Texas, killed.
MOSES EMBRAY, of Columbus, Ohio, wounded.
AUSTIN JOHNSON, of New Orleans, killed.
JUDGE JUDAS, killed.
COLEMAN, a negro, killed.
DR. W. WOOD, of Georgetown, Kentucky, killed.
MR. FISK, scalded.
ELIZA PITTS, of Georgetown, Kentucky, scalded.
MR. SILVEY, of Arkansas, slightly wounded.
ANDREW SOUTHWORTH, of Louisville, slightly wounded.
MR. S. KIMBALL, of Albany, badly wounded.
MR. WM. MITCHELL, of Georgetown, Ky., badly scalded.
MISS CRAFF, seriously hurt.
CHARLES ALONEY, of Louisville, badly scalded.
JAS. LARKINS, Louisville, slightly wounded.
WILLIAM WARREN, late of Providence, slightly scalded.
ISAAC GOODE, of Mississippi, received several contusions.
W. GARRETT and wife, slightly scalded.
JAMES McFADDEN, of Baton Rouge, badly scalded.
S. C. THOMAS, of Tennessee, had his leg broken.
ARNOLD LASHLEY, of Kentucky, received slight injuries.
MR. BENIL, of Mississippi, slightly scalded.
R. S. RASHLEY, of Mississippi, slightly wounded.
MARY IMSON and child, of Chillicothe, Ohio, killed.
P. K. COCHRAN, of New Orleans, slightly scalded.
DANIEL MARSHALL, of Illinois, badly scalded.
D. HOTCHKISS, killed.
J. J. MITCHEL, of Miss., badly wounded.
A. C. KUNO, slightly hurt.
JUDGE C. MORGAN, of Louisiana, slightly scalded.
COL. STEWART, of Penn., seriously wounded.
R. E. McCHATTON, of Miss., badly hurt.
A. L. LARON, of Miss., badly wounded.
C. C. SHACKELFORD, slightly burnt.
MR. McEWEN and DR. CLIEN, the two pilots of the boat were slightly wounded.
Some eight or to ten others, whose names could not be ascertained, were killed. The engineer in charge of the boat, immediately after the explosion, is reported to have jumped overboard and reached the shore, when he took to the woods. A lady, who got aboard at Shawneetown, was killed before getting out of sight of her home. The steamer CUMBERLAND VALLEY was but a short distance below the JACKSON at the time of the explosion, but immediately returned, and the officers rendered all the assistance in their power.
After taking on board the wounded, the VALLEY towed the JACKSON on shore. The JACKSON was completely torn to pieces, from the fore to the after part of her cabin. Her boilers are smashed flat. Every assistance that could be rendered to the sufferers by our citizens was cheerfully done. In the confusion of the moment, it was very difficult to get a correct list of the killed and wounded.

IId Dispatch.] Louisville, Tuesday, Sept. 23.
We regret to say that many of those scalded by the explosion on the steamer JAMES JACKSON, have since died, while others continue in a critical position.

The New York Times New York 1851-09-24