Diveron, IL Train Wreck, Sept 1908

Ethel Barrymore In Wreck.

Illinois Central Train Runs Into Open Switch-Child Killed.

Springfield, Ill., Sept. 28.-The Diamond Special, southbound, on the Illinois Central Railroad, to-day ran into an open switch at Diveron, twenty miles south of Springfield. The locomotive plunged into a ditch and was demolished. Engineer A.J. SHELL and Fireman EDWARD TAYLOR jumped, and were injured.

ELIZABETH MCGUIRE, a child of 7, was playing in a yard near the tracks. Flying fragments from the locomotive killed her.

All the cars of the train left the track, but no passengers were injured.

ETHEL BARRYMORE was on the train. She could not get out of the coach door and a porter for her through a window. She tried to get a special train so as to reach St. Louis in time to fill an engagement to-night, but failed.

The New York Times, New York, NY 29 Sept 1908