Lockport, IL Fire, Aug 1895

State Street, Lockport, IL early 1900s - rebuilt after the fire, photo from familyoldphotos.com

Lockport, Ill. Nearly Destroyed

Fire Consumes Twenty-Two Buildings

Chicago Engines Saved The Town.

Lockport, Ill., Aug. 10-This town of 8,000 people on the drainage canal five miles from Joliet had a narrow escape from destruction to-day. The loss is probably $250,000. Two engines and two hose carts, which were sent by the Chicago Fire Department at noon in response to appeals for help; a chemical engine and hose cart from Joliet, and an engine from Lemont, saved the whole town from being in ashes to-night. Lockport had no water, fire or apparatus adequate to subdue the flames.

One-half the business buildings of the town were consumed. The City Hall and records, the Post Office and contents, the Chicago and Alton Railroad station and freight house, and the telephone exchange were among the buildings burned. The fire started at 10:30 o’clock in the Phoenix newspaper and printing building, owned by Mayor Lem McDonald. A tinner on the roof dropped a fire box. At 3:15 the fighting forces had the blaze under control, an hour after the arrival of the Chicago apparatus from a run of thirty-two miles.

With the exception of one store, a whole block of the best business places on Ninth, Tenth, State and Hamilton streets was burned to the ground twenty two buildings in all. The insurance is about two thirds. Two men were hurt by falling walls.

The New York Times, New York, NY 11 Aug 1895