Chicago, IL LaSalle Hotel Fire and Panic, June 1946

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By Frances T. Leary
United Press Staff Correspondent
Chicago, June 5 -- (UP) -- Fire leaped from an elevator shaft early today and flashed through the lower floors of the 23 story LaSalle hotel where 58 persons died in the worst hotel fire in Chicago's history.

Coroner A. L. BRODIE set the death toll officially at 58 and said many of them died as the result of mass hysteria and panic. Many leaped to their death from windows high above the crowded streets of Chicago's loop.

Fire Commissioner MICHAEL J. CORRIGAN also said many of the deaths were "tragically unnecessary."

The flames spread from an elevator shaft to an adjoining cocktail lounge and within seconds turned the ornate lobby into a fiery death trap.

Jump To Certain Death.
Modernistic leather upholstery in the bar ignited almost instantly and soon the expensive wood panelled walls of the lobby were enveloped in flames.

While thousands of spectators jammed the streets and hampered firemen outside, hotel guests fought through smoke filled halls. Many failed to make it. One sailor chose to jump from the 18th floor to certain death. Others leaped from lower floors.

Fire department officials investigating the cause, found that the fire apparently started in an elevator shaft below the street level. They believed it started in a signal cable beneath an elevator car.

Marchal FENN, deputy fire marshal in charge of fire prevention, disclosed that he had sent hotel officials a list of 10 violations of city fire prevention ordinances on May 10. He said the violations had not been corrected. Whether any of them contributed to the fire he declined to say.

200 Persons Injured.
Despite the panic there were stories of heroism. MRS. JULIA BARRY, a telephone operator, told the assistant manager she was going to "stick it out because I might do some good here at the switchboard." She died in the flames.



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My grandmother bought furniture and lamps that were sold after the fire. I have a lamp that was in the hotel.

Wow. Just found out today

Wow. Just found out today that my great grandmother died in this fire. She was a dancer. Her daughter, my grandma, is about to pass away.

Name Correction

The name is backwards for MOSS THORTON McKENZIE, Hopkinsville, Ky., who listed as one of those killed in the June 1946 LaSalle Hotel fire. He should be listed as McKenzie Thornton Moss. He was from Hopkinsville, Kentucky and a member of First Presbyterian Church.

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i was looking for information on this hotel due to my great grandfather working there. i have a bills of fare book dated september 1929.

This was my Grandparents hotel

Unbelievable...I am researching family info and found this.
Thanks Stu!!