Rolling Meadows, IL Station Wagon And Truck Crash, June 1963


Rolling Meadows, Ill. (AP) - "They were the happiest family you'd ever want to meet."
That sums up the neighbors' description of the CHARLES J. KOZUMPLIK family of Rolling Meadows whose happy world came to an end Saturday in the collision of their station wagon and a truck north of Pontiac, Illinois.
The 41-year-old cost accountant and six of his seven children died in the crash.

Two Survivors.
The only survivors, seriously injured are MRS. DOROTHY KOZUMPLIK, 37, and RHONDA, 2.
The dead children are KAREN, 11; RANDY, 10; LORI JEAN, 8; DEBBIE, 6; LANA, 3; and the baby KIMBERLY, who was 7 months old.
About three hours after the KOZUMPLIKS left their home in the northwestern suburb of Chicago with its 12,000 inhabitants, truck driver DIAL RASAR pulled off U.S. 66 just past Memorial Park Cemetery onto a 13-foot gravel shoulder north of Pontiac, Illinois, to check the tires.
The station wagon, with MRS. KOZUMPLIK driving, neared the big semi-trailer. Returning to his truck cab, RASAR told Illinois state policeman Richard Harder, he waited for the car to pass before he pulled onto the roadway.
Then came the crash.
RASAR, 36, of Decatur, Illinois, was not injured.

Seek Clue
Coroner Vernon von Qualea of Livingston County said Sunday the only clue to the crash which is suggested is fatigue of the driver - probably because of all the preparations for the trip.
The family had left home before dawn in order to reach a motel west of St. Louis in time for a late afternoon swim.
Their spacious brick ranch house was strangely quiet Sunday.
There were the swings, which stirred in the wind, a drained wading pool, a baby pool, and a weather beaten platform for children's games.
And there was a tree with the beginnings of a tree house.

The Morning Herald Uniontown Pennsylvania 1963-06-10